Austrian Olympian Trips Over Nothing, Is Mortified On Live TV

Dear Austrian Olympian,

Hey man, it’s okay. Everyone trips over their own two feet sometimes. Bipedal locomotion is tricky stuff. Sure 99.99% of us will never have our blunder captured on international television in front of literally billions of people but look on the bright side. At least you’re facing away from the camera! Small victories. Hang in there buddy. And maybe give your teammates a swift kick in the shins for taking cell phone pics of your trauma instead of helping you up. We won’t tell. 

Photo Credit: Andrej Isakovic via The Guardian

See? You’re totally in the clear. Surely no one would study this photo – taken moments before your face kissed smooth, smooth pavement – in order to figure out which delegate you were using CSI levels of reconstruction. None of our readers are that cruel. Right guys?

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey