Back to life… back to reality…

So much content. That's what I'm working on right now. We're in the middle of a sort of redefinition here at HitFix, and it's an exciting time to work here. I'm excited by trying to have more fun with what I'm writing and publishing, and even though I've largely been able to steer my own ship since moving here, there were certain requirements that could eat time and keep me from publishing a lot of the things that I wanted to publish.

Today will be all about “Kingsman” for me, with both my review and a look at something odd that's happening in film this year going up before I head to bed. And while I've got a lot of ongoing projects I'm working on (there's a new installment of “The Corner Show” on the way, for instance), I'm also looking at the calendar for the year ahead and realizing that there are so many opportunities to try new things and to try new ways of talking with you guys about film that it would be silly of me to just keep plodding along doing it all the same, week after week after month after month.

One of the things that you've been most insistent about is “The Morning Read,” and the only way that works is if I do it on a strict time schedule. I'm still not 100% sure I'm going to be able to do it, and I won't start it again unless I know it's something that we can do every day.

I think you're going to see more micro-blogging in general here on the site, and not just from me, and for that to work, it's also about discipline. That is true of pretty much any writing endeavor, and the hardest thing in the world is to not let the news cycle dictate what I'm writing, but to stick to my own plan instead.

Anyway… “Kingsman” ahead today, and then we'll have plenty more for you this week.