Behold! The 101 Greatest GIFS Of All Time

Is there any higher form of communication and entertainment than the GIF? Of course not! The versatility of the Graphics Interchange Format lies in its succinct nature. No one has time for fripperies like “words” or “facial expressions” these days, much less the attention span needed to watch something longer than a 10 seconds!

But not all GIFS are created equal. For every one elevated to the status of Internet Immortality, a thousand thousand more are banished forever to the depths of the Deep Internet*. How is anyone supposed to separate the chaff from the digital wheat? With an arbitrary list, obviously.

Below, we”ve collected the 101 best GIFS the Internet has ever spewed forth. That”s right. THE. BEST. Definitively. We”re totally right and there”s no room for speculation or doubt. Our word is law!**

*warning: do not enter
**totally just subjective