Best. Garage. Ever. Tour $17 million in vehicles at ‘Fast 8’ warehouse

McLarens and Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Oh, my!

What makes the Fast & Furious franchise go? The cars, of course. And now fans of the high-powered series can travel through the coolest garage ever courtesy of Dennis McCarthy, the vehicle coordinator for Fast 8.

The tour features everything from classic Chevys to the latest hot rods as well as roadsters, motorcycles and even a couple of speedboats.

“We have approximately $17 million worth of vehicles in this warehouse,” McCarthy said. “So it”s some of the finest things on earth, right here – the ultimate toy house.”   

The video also features a couple of guest stars, as F&F regulars Michelle Rodriguez and Ludacris stop by to stare at some cars.

The action flick, which is slated for an April 2017 release features Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Luda and Rodriguez. Also joining the race are Charlize Theron and Kurt Russell.  

The audio on the clip posted below isn”t great, but that hardly matters as it”s just about looking and drooling.