Bill Paxton discusses ‘2 Guns,’ ‘Weird Science,’ and the fun of being bad

Just because two characters like inflicting pain, that doesn’t make them the same. That was the message we got from Bill Paxton when we asked him to compare Earl, his character in the new film “2 Guns,” to an older character of his, Chet, from the 1985 classic, “Weird Science.”
Any difference really doesn’t stem from the fact that Earl is remotely a good guy, he isn’t, in fact Paxton says that Earl is “A twisted bastard at his core.” While some may apply a similar description to Chet, Paxton tell us that any relationship between the two is that “It’s a theatrical supporting role of an antagonistic character, but Chet had a whole different world he was coming from.” 
A core difference, as Paxton sees it, is that Chet is a bully, but Earl isn’t; the simple act of torturing folks, forcing them into a game of Russian Roulette doesn’t make Earl a bully. Earl’s world view on such things is “It’s just so you answer my question, and I’m bored being lied to.” Harsh? Maybe, but generally effective.
Trust us, Earl is not the sort of person you want coming to ask you questions about banks you may or may not have robbed. However, Paxton tells us that Earl was enjoyable to play and is enjoyable to watch.
That you can see for yourself. “2 Guns,” which also stars Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, and Paula Patton is in theaters now.