An Atlanta Audience Ready To Watch ‘Black Panther’ Had Their Screening Hijacked By ‘Fifty Shades Freed’

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02.17.18 2 Comments


You’d think it’d be impossible to confuse Black Panther with Fifty Shades Freed. Like, unless Black Panther has lot of nudity and Julia Michaels or Fifty Shades Freed has undergone a real dramatic shift in story and casting, these two movies are pretty far from interchangable. On Thursday night, one Atlanta theater somehow confused the two films and the results were hilarious.

@ChefWaites (Stephen Waites) provided some Twitter play-by-play of how things played out at Atlantic Station when fans got the unwanted switcheroo that subbed out the essential black excellence driven superhero picture for the third installment of white folks being wrapped up in kinky drama. As you might expect from an audience thrilled to see the Marvel offering, this screw-up sure as hell did not go unnoticed. How could it?

“It’s the opposite movie!,” exclaimed one absolutely correct filmgoer.

Chatting with Inside Edition about the screw-up, the theater’s de facto Twitter correspondent laid out what happened during the screening.

‘When the movie started, everybody thought it was another preview for about a minute,” explained Waites. “Once everybody figured out it wasn’t Black Panther, everybody started booing and yelling.”

The bulk of the crowd had a sense of humor about the mistake, even if the movie being played was the opposite of what they came to see. Thankfully, the correct movie was played within 10 minutes of the mix-up. If you’ve been busy writing a script for a possible Fifty Shades/Black Panther crossover, it’s best to huck your laptop in the river. The people have spoken.

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