Marvel Delivers A Collection Of ‘Black Panther’ TV Spots Showing Off The ‘King Of The Avengers’


With Black Panther‘s February 16th release date on the horizon, Marvel is going hard with a non-stop barrage of TV spots based on T’Challa’s return to his home of Wakanda after the death of his father, the king, in Captain America: Civil War. With just under a month to go, we’ve seen glimpses of Black Panther’s eventual move to the Avengers, and his battle for control of his throne. It’s a reminder that there’s more going on around earth than what’s happening in the Avengers movies, and it looks damn good.

The three spots: “King of Avengers,” “Entourage,” and “T’Challa is Back” are accompanied by Chadwick Boseman’s insight into his character and how the story connects to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. First up, courtesy of ComicBook, is “King of Avengers.”

The second clip is “T’Challa is Back,” showing that he’s a stranger in his own land, not unlike Captain America after waking up in modern times years after his heyday in WWII.

And the final clip is “Entourage,” diving into the background of T’Challa’s many allies who have been dealing with Michael B. Jordan’s loose cannon, Erik Stephens. AKA, Killmonger. He’s an exile from Wakanda, and became a black ops agent on behalf of the U.S. military. Jordan has called his relationship the equivalent of Magneto and Professor X.

(Via i09/ComicBook)