The First Clip From ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Raises More Questions About Ryan Gosling’s Character

Entertainment Editor
09.11.17 2 Comments

The first clip from Blade Runner 2049 continues to kick up confusion about Ryan Gosling’s character, an LAPD officer named K who “unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos” according to the long-gestating sequel’s synopsis.

The clip doesn’t feature any of Jared Leto’s method acting, but it does see Ryan Gosling confronting the overseer of a dystopian labor camp peopled (or maybe not “peopled” necessarily) with child laborers. The overseer, played by The Walking Dead‘s Lennie James, waves a hand toward the rows upon rows of child labor scavenging metal from e-waste and explains, “The nickel is for the colonial ships, the closest any of them — any of us — is going to get to that grand life off-world.”

But K isn’t buying anything, he explains, showing his LAPD identification, and James’ character says something that raises some questions:

“No no no. This is just my game, and I play it fair. No, no, I mean, bigger than you… bigger than you have tried to shut me down. Bigger than you, and they were… they were men, at that.”

So once again we have to ask if Gosling’s character is going to turn out to be a replicant instead of a man. It seems like every new piece of promotion for Blade Runner 2049 raises more questions. Perhaps “too many questions.”

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