Britney Spears’ new video for ‘Criminal’ is coming when?

Britney Spears is such a tease. She just tweeted, “Just saw the final cut of the ‘Criminal” video we shot in London. It”s so hot. Can”t wait for you guys to see it next week.”  No word yet on which day next week we’ll get the clip.

So she got to see the video and all we got was this lousy t-shirt lyric video (actually, it’s pretty good as far as these things go). As you know, the shooting of the clip has caused a bit of an  uproar with Spears and her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, running around town with prop guns and what not in Hackney, a part of London that was hard hit by the rioting this summer.

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The video”s director Chris Marrs Piliero tweeted earlier, “I love this video and can”t wait for it to come out… oh and that [Britney] looks gorgeous in it,” reports MTV.

In other Spears news, she has surpassed the 10 million followers milestone on Twitter, putting her in such august company as Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and, uh, Kim Kardashian.  Also, just a reminder that “The Femme Fatale” concert special, which we talked about previously, will air Nov. 12 on EpixHD. Spears is currently on tour in Europe.

Are you excited to see the “Criminal” video?