Britney Spears takes on dancing criticism with new cut of ‘Til The World Ends’ video

04.15.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Britney Spears or her people (likely the latter) want to remind you she can still dance. 


After a barrage of under the breath as well as public criticism over her dancing during live performances in Las Vegas, San Francisco and in both her videos for “Hold It Against Me” and “Til The World Ends,” Jive Records has released a new cut of “Ends” that features extended dancing sequences from the original shoot.  This version omits the ominous dark cloud that threatened to end all life including Brit and her dancing friends in the director’s cut.  Instead, there are long shots that clearly show Spears dancing and – no joke – bending her back – something that hasn’t been witnessed since at least the video for “Womanizer.”

There has also been scuttlebutt that a body double was used for Spears in the original video and that may be the case, but there appears to be no stand in this time around.

As for the timing of the new video, it was originally announced a second version would eventually be released.  However, it is also clearly meant as a public relations strategy before tickets for Spears new nationwide tour go on sale on April 30.  And frankly, it’s a smart move in LiveNation’s favor.

The first video certainly has its fans.  It knocked Katy Perry’s “E.T.” off the most popular videos list on iTunes and helped propel the single back into the top ten last week.

You can watch the new edit of the video embedded below.

Do you think Spears dancing skills have been unfairly criticized?  Share your thoughts below.


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