Why Do Fans Lose Their Minds Over Bad Reviews of Superhero Films?

As genre fans, we”ve grown used to impassioned responses.  Superhero films in particular seem to inspire fan fervor. Each new image, trailer, character change, or plot tease will inspire a wealth of debate. Sometimes, that dialogue devolves into something that is difficult to understand.

Yesterday, the final Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was released. Drew McWeeny sat down with me to give a response and during the course of our conversation he touched on some reports he”d been getting from early screenings at the studio. 

Among other things, he revealed that the studio was worried and that Zack Snyder may not return to direct Justice League. Adding that it”s possible that a re-evaluation of some aspects of the slate may occur. 

The response was rapid-fire and intense. And, sadly, included a fair number – an overwhelming number — of vitriolic personal attacks. What”s difficult to comprehend is how one report, on one movie – Just. A. Movie. – can inspire such rage and ill will. Maybe it's not what fans want to hear, and it”s yet to be determined how this will all play out. For me, that”s almost irrelevant, though. Because this type of response isn”t limited to this case. I know a critic who received innumerable death threats for her review of The Avengers. So the real questions is: how did fandom become a place that answers a difference of opinion with violence – verbal or otherwise? And how can we regain a sense of perspective?

Here, Donna Dickens and Roth Cornet talk about the often intense reactions in the genre fan community, where that comes from, and if we can move past it to a brighter tomorrow.

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