Marvel Studios Has An Interesting Inspiration For ‘Captain Marvel’s’ ’90s Action Movie Feel


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken some obvious trips to the past. Captain America was set in the 1940s, and there have been brief stops in the mid-80s for Guardians of the Galaxy. We’ve also seen some VR flashbacks to Tony Stark’s late teens, but with Captain Marvel, the MCU is embracing the 1990s not only as a time period but as an inspiration to the film’s action.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige explained that Captain Marvel is really leaning into its ’90s setting. We know that a young Nick Fury will be right alongside Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, and now we know that the action will be boots-on-pavement, ’90s grunge gritty. If that’s even a way to describe the action. Feige cites Terminator 2 as an inspiration for the action scenes that will play out on earth before Captain Marvel head to the stars:

“…The action elements Terminator 2. That’s about as iconic as you get, looking at kind of those cool street level fights, street level car chases, and fun stuff like that. That being said, much of the movie takes place in outer space, as you might think a Captain Marvel movie would. Like all of our genre inspirations, there are bits and pieces here and there.”

Considering how much overlap there is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you have to wonder if some younger Starks make an appearance somewhere in Captain Marvel. If Nick Fury is out there, active, then he probably is wheeling and dealing with Howard Stark in some way at this time, right?

And will this soundtrack feature The Melvins?

(Via Entertainment Weekly/Vulture)