Catwoman now looks like Michelle Pfeiffer, completing the circle of art imitating life

Anne Hathaway tried to wrest away the crown, but Michelle Pfeiffer remains the queen of playing Catwoman…on film, anyway. After all, no one holds a candle to Eartha Kitt. But if you think “Catwoman,” you probably think of Pfeiffer slinking around in red lipstick and a skillfully sewed latex suit.

Selina Kyle has gone through many transformations since Pfeiffer”s take. Since the New 52 revamped the DC universe, Kyle has been Catwoman, a member of the Justice League of America, and most recently the head of the Calabrese mob family. But in CATWOMAN #48, things go off the rails and Selina goes into hiding.

In New York City and framed for a murder she did not commit, Catwoman is now on the run! And to uncover whoever is out to get her, she”ll have to ask for help from some unlikely-and untrustworthy-sources. Her hunt to uncover the truth may end up putting her in the sights of more than just the NYPD!

“On the Lam 101” is changing your physical appearance to throw pursuers off the trailer. Selina Kyle is no dummy and gets right on it with a brand new look. An iconic, familiar look…

Image Credit: Inaki Miranda/DC Entertainment

CATWOMAN #48 is on sale now, wherever comics are sold.

Image Credit: Joshua Middleton/DC Entertainment

Story by: Frank Tieri
Art by: Inaki Miranda
Colors by: Eva De La Cruz
Letters by: Travis Lanham
Cover by: Joshua Middleton

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