Catwoman Might Not Appear In Ben Affleck’s ‘The Batman,’ But One Actress Is Still Pushing For The Role

Yesterday brought some rumors that Green Lantern might actually be making an appearance in Justice League after much speculation that the hero was skipping out. Now there’s more from the rumor mill, this time in regards to Ben Affleck’s upcoming Batman solo film. It’s still in script form, but there’s a little bit of confirmation that one character will NOT be making an appearance: Catwoman.

According to a rumor sparked by a tweet from Fandango managing editor Erik Davis and expanded by Heroic Hollywood, the longtime Batman villain/ally/love interest isn’t set to appear in the Batman solo film. But the interesting part is that there’s somebody pushing for the role to be included:

We’ve seen plenty of Catwomen over the years, from the classics on the Batman television series, the leather clad Michelle Pfeiffer version in Batman Returns, and the realistic version played by Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises. You also can’t forget the Halle Berry version either, just so that mistake doesn’t happen again. The possibility of bringing back the character in a form closer to her comic counterpart is there, but it might not happen in the Batman film.

There are other options, obviously. Take the future Harley Quinn film for example, which might also turn out to be a Birds Of Prey film in the long run. We could also always get another standalone Catwoman film that doesn’t involve whatever plotline they tried to make happen for Halle Berry. Sienna Miller’s involvement might just be a joke since she’s currently co-starring in Affleck’s Live By Night, but it also isn’t like she’s a poor choice. She’s not Betty White. She’s not Julie Newmar attempting to reclaim the role.

I like the idea of bringing in Catwoman to keep Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne on his toes. Knowing that, it probably won’t happen.

(Via Comics Alliance / Heroic Hollywood)