Channing Tatum bashes one of his biggest movies

And you thought you hated “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”

During an interview with Howard Stern on Tuesday, Channing Tatum revealed that not only is the 2009 action-figure adaptation not one of his favorite roles, he in fact totally freaking despises it.

“Look, I”ll be honest. I fucking hate that movie. I hate that movie,” said Tatum after Howard pegged the film as his breakthrough role. “I was pushed into doing that movie. From a movie that — from 'Coach Carter,' they signed me for a three-picture deal…They give you the contract and they go, ‘three-picture deal, here you go!” And as a young [actor], you”re like, ‘Oh my god, that sounds amazing, I”m doing that!”…So time goes by, and you get other jobs, and you're building your quote, and things happen, and then you…have a dream job that you wanna go do. And the studio calls up and they're like, 'Hey, we've got a movie for you, and we're gonna send it to you'…and it's 'G.I. Joe.' And I'm like, 'look…I love G.I. Joe, can I play Snake Eyes?' And they were like 'no, you're not playing Snake Eyes.'”

Don't you hate it when Hollywood studios force you to be in a movie?

“The script wasn't any good,” Tatum continued, “and I was like, I don't wanna do something that…I thought was one, bad, and two, I just didn't know if I wanted to be G.I. Joe.”

Still, it could have been worse.

“Look, you're right, I could've been given some really…'Scream 5,' or something,” he admitted. “I'm super lucky and blessed to have been given that film. That was, you know, really not all that bad. …[I had] no option [not to do the movie]. 'You're doing this, or we're gonna sue you.'”

Sounds like a good reason to me.