This mash-up video finds the cuddly little rat inside chef Bradley Cooper

It would seem that movie “Burnt” is endeavoring to deliver us the hottest chef to ever grace the silver screen. Well, now we have a look at what this upcoming movie would be like if it were led by the most adorable movie chef ever.

“Burnt” stars Bradley Cooper as Adam Jones, a chef who destroyed his career with drugs and diva behavior and is determined to redeem himself by leading a restaurant to to three Michelin stars.

Now, the most adorable movie chef ever? That would be Remy, the star rat of Pixar”s “Ratatouille.” And now we have a taste of what “Burnt” would be like if Remy, not Cooper, played the lead role.

Here you have it, the sounds of the trailer for “Burnt” edited to footage from “Ratatouille,” thanks to YouTuber BMoneyrulz: