Cher says Lady Gaga duet won’t see light of day

Cher”s duet with Lady Gaga, “The Greatest Thing,” apparently is not… or at least, not to Lady Gaga.

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In response to a fan”s tweet about why the song had not come to light,  Cher replied that the Lady Gaga was not a fan. “It”s done & she doesn”t like it, or want it to come out. She”s an artist, it”s up to her. I”m disappointed 2.”

Producer RedOne, who wrote the song  with Lady Gaga, brought it to Cher, who loved the track, according to The Sun.

Cher recorded the track and then, after RedOne”s encouragement, Lady Gaga added vocals while on tour in Madrid.

The song will not be on “Closer To the Truth,” Cher”s first album since 2001. The album, which features first single, “Woman”s World,” comes out Sept. 24.

Cher, who performed on “The Voice” this week, will perform at NYC Pride”s Dance On The Pier on June 30.   Cher reiterated her love for the song during an interview around “The Voice,” saying “I think it”s brilliant and I thought her performance was great, but she doesn”t like it.”

Lady Gaga has not responded to Cher’s tweet. In fact, Lady Gaga hasn’t tweeted since June. 4.
In the meantime, enjoy Cher’s lyric video for “Woman’s World.”