Cinematographer Greig Fraser talks ‘Foxcatcher,’ ‘Gambler’ and NOT ‘Star Wars’

I've known Greig Fraser for a few years now and have been positively stoked to see him rise through the ranks and become, truly, one of the great DPs of his generation. He's gone from making a big splash with painterly work in Jane Campion's “Bright Star” to taking on major projects from Matt Reeves (“Let Me In”), Kathryn Bigelow (“Zero Dark Thirty”) and Bennett Miller (“Foxcatcher”). Oh, and now he's lined up a “Star Wars” movie.

But don't expect any details on that one here. Naturally, I tried, but Fraser is mum on just what Gareth Edwards' standalone feature is after recently being tapped to shoot it, and can you blame him? In the meantime, it's not like there isn't plenty to chew on. He's behind the camera on two completely different films this year – “Foxcatcher” and Rupert Wyatt's remake of “The Gambler” – both with striking looks and, interestingly, shot on very different formats. We get into that, too.

Read through the back and forth below. This one's a long one. A casual chat that digs in here, lays off there. Kick back on a lunch break and check it out. He's a bright one with a lot of great insights into his particular line of work in this business.

“Foxcatcher” hits theaters on Nov. 14. “The Gambler” follows a few weeks later on Dec. 19.


HitFix: Dude, you're all over the place.

Greig Fraser: I'm like a chicken with its head cut off right now.

It sounds like you're doing a lot of cool stuff, though.

I cannot complain. But I can and I will, of course, because that's the nature of humans, to complain. I was just talking to an AC that I'm interviewing for this Australian film and I sat there and I talked to him for like 15 minutes about the London part of the shoot. And he went, “I thought you were shooting in India and Australia.” And I went, “Oh, fuck, yeah, yeah, yeah, we are. We're shooting in India and Australia. So transplant the word London to the word India and you'll have the correct conversation.”