Don’t invite this ‘Demon’ to your wedding

Clip It: Each day, Jon Davis looks at the world of trailers, featurettes and clips and puts it all in perspective.

I will tell you this, if I were at a wedding, and any of this nonsense happened with the groom freaking out, I would be psyched. And anyone who knows me would back me up on this. Let there be no doubt, weddings are beautiful ceremonies, an opportunity to witness love, and be there for your friends and family. But.. that's no a match for a groom going cray cray berserk and hallucinating all over the place. Now that's an eventful wedding. That's just plain fun. Plus,  you know this guy's going to get blamed for it, regardless of his body possession excuses. And by the way, it is his fault. You have one job as the groom – one job! –  and that's to be presentable for a few hours and everyone will get off your back. Suck it up. 

I wasn't prepared to like this trailer with its terrible, overused title and the silly captions declaring all the prizes its won. I love the support that Sundance lends to independent filmmakers but that doesn't factor into whether I want to see the movie. (The only time I know I'm definitely in without any prior judgment is if there are robots. You put a robot in your movie, then you mark me down.) Apparently, this is based on a Jewish folktale. I'm Jewish. I'm not the most practicing Jewish person you've ever met, but in my Hebrew school, I don't remember reading about a gentile couple who get married in a church and then start seeing supernatural stuff. Clearly, my Hebrew school dropped the ball because this looks pretty cool. I dig the tone, the creepy imagery, especially the otherworldly gyrations of the groom (which isn't just cold feet, I'd imagine). I went in thinking this would be pretty generic, standard demon stuff, but's it unique and unsettling. It won me over. And that alone is a better experience than my uncle's wedding. Trust me.