‘The 100’ Season 4 Trailer: Chills, Thrills, And Kills

While many of The CW shows are down for their midseason winter nap, The 100 is gearing up for another fight. The first trailer for Season 4 has arrived, and it looks like our survivors will be covering a lot of ground.

If you haven’t been watching The 100, you’re really missing out. It’s a great sci-fi show with echoes of Battlestar Galactica (and utilizes some of its stars too), has several well-defined female characters, and a really great cast.

When last we left the gang, Eliza Taylor’s Clarke had to make another impossible choice for the remaining members of humanity. We knew there’d likely be consequences from her choice but this trailer shows us that’s happening in the worst way possible. The trailer also has hints of romance, of course, and I’m sure Clexa fans aren’t too happy about Clarke leaning on Bellamy. While I’m concerned for both the physical and mental well-being of the Ark survivors (Monte and Jasper, my heart is aching!), the Grounders still have their own issues. And the combo of the two, Octavia, is getting more badass each time we see her. Apparently, they’re now calling her “Sky Ripper, death from above” and you bet Indra is so, so proud.

Of course, none of this means the fighting between the two groups has ended either. I’m sure there are many tears, and much blood, left to be shed. Are you looking forward to the new season? The 100 is set to premiere on The CW February 1, 2017 at 9 p.m.