Daisy Ridley needs to put out a series of ‘Star Wars’ workout videos, ASAP

Being flung into the viper pit of celebrity has to be intimidating. Being flung into it as the star of the new Star Wars franchise is an anxiety level of its own. But Daisy Ridley (Rey) has handled herself with down-home dignity. From interviews to red carpets, but she and John Boyega feel as if they”ve managed to hold on to a sense of normalcy instead of being subsumed by the Hollywood machine. Case in point: Daisy Ridley”s Instagram is peppered with moments of friendship, food, and #FitnessFriday. Yet she”s managed to be inspirational instead of self-promotional.

If you”re looking for someone to give you that kick to get back in the gym – or take your workout to the next level – Ridley”s your girl.

It all started last year with the video that got the Internet”s attention. After some sections of the Internet questioned Ridley”s ability to do stunts, this video of her deadlifting 176 lbs. made the rounds to shut that nonsense down.

Since then, Ridley has posted semi-regular peeks into what training really looks like for celebrities. Being in shape is her job, but that doesn”t mean it”s easy or fun. Recently, the Star Wars star posted this image along with some words of wisdom for those looking to her for inspiration. Social media is our best self. Ridley has been very honest about editing out the times she feels like she can”t do another set or is cussing up a storm.

3 of these statements aren't true… Social media is great but also a bit scary cause what people post is the most filtered, most carefully chosen and cleverly edited moments of their lives. And self esteem is a huge issue for people around the world. My skin isn't great so I don't post no make up selfies, much as I'd like to; I have a trainer urging me on in workouts and don't include all the times I say 'I can't do it' and I don't smile all the time but I like to share the pictures where I am. But I actually do love myself, I try to think good thoughts always and am surrounded by the most wonderful people, so I'm keeping it balanced (like the Force, obvs). Just thought I'd say :)

Her approachability only makes her fitness videos seem more attainable. Ridley has been adamant that anyone inspired by her journey to become stronger and more fit do so under the guidance of someone who knows what they”re doing. Since everyone can”t afford a personal trainer, seek out a knowledgeable buddy or watch some YouTube videos on good form. And of course, consult your doctor before going HAM on the free weights or treadmill. But if you need a little extra oomph to get you there, watch a few complications filmed by Ridley”s trainer and get PUMPED.

If Daisy Ridley put out a series of Star Wars-themed fitness videos, I'd be happy to give her my money! Just a thought!