‘Dance Moms” Abby Lee Miller gets a new show

It turns out “Dance Moms” star and reviled bully-teacher Abby Lee Miller will be picking on grown-ups for her next project. Miller is looking to transform dance studios on the brink of disaster in the new series, “Abby”s Studio Rescue,” premiering Tues., June 17, at 9:00 p.m. ET.  Each week, the show follows Abby as she dishes out tough talk/screams at people/generally freaks out while giving dance studios a second chance at survival.  
With seven one-hour episodes, “Abby”s Studio Rescue” sends Abby to studios across the country that are in need of a head-to-toe overhaul of their business. A studio owner since 1980, Miller knows running a business can be full of challenges and she is ready to give them the tools they need to take their studios and dancers to the next level. That, or she's just open to belittling a bunch of depressed strangers. Whether it”s fine-tuning choreography, finding  the right staff, scheduling classes, tweaking dances, dealing with overbearing moms or even renovating the studio space, “Abby”s Studio Rescue” will help them all raise the bar while destroying their self-esteem.

Are you looking forward to more Abby Lee Miller on your TV?