David Goyer and DC developing low-budget ‘Suicide Squad,’ ‘Team 7,’ more

Batman and Superman better make some room on the bigscreen. 

Under the guidance of “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Man of Steel” writer David S. Goyer, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are reportedly developing such lesser-known DC properties as “Suicide Squad,” “Booster Gold,” “Deathstroke,” “Team 7,” and others as lower-budget features.

The move would allow DC and Warners to expand the “Man Of Steel” universe without breaking the bank. The goal seems to be for DC to build up a cinematic world similar to Marvel’s, with 2015’s “Man of Steel” sequel (unofficially known as “Batman vs. Superman”) as its centerpiece and jumping-off point. 

The biggest priority seems to be “Suicide Squad,” featuring a number of recognizable DC characters, which the studio is hoping to adapt for a relatively lean $40 million, according to Bleeding Cool

The current New 52 iteration of the Squad includes, among others, expert sniper Deadshot, Joker henchwoman Harley Quinn, Commissioner Gordon’s villainous son James Gordon Jr. and King Shark, a giant shark-man.

The similarly anti-heroic Team 7 was originally part of the Wildstorm Comics continuity before being absorbed into the DC Universe during the “Flashpoint” event. The group was recently mentioned in an episode of The CW’s “Arrow.” Ace assassin and sometime team member Deathstroke, may also be the subject of a solo film. 

The two teams are linked by Amanda Waller, a shady government agent who oversees both unit’s clandestine operations. She was portrayed by Angela Bassett in 2011’s “Green Lantern,” although the character would likely be revamped for the new films. 

Booster Gold, meanwhile, is a superhero from the future who craves the spotlight and public recognition for his heroic deeds, and often serves as satiric counterpoint to the more grim-faced popular heroes of the DC Universe. 

What smaller DC series would you like to see on the big screen?