DC superhero Booster Gold may be flying to SyFy with ‘Green Lantern’ producer

Greg Berlanti, who wrote the screenplay for the critically reviled wannabe-blockbuster “Green Lantern” last summer is setting his sights on another colorful DC superhero: Flashy, image-obsessed future hero Booster Gold.

SyFy has ordered a pilot script penned by Andrew Kreisberg (“Fringe”). TV vet Berlanti will act as producer.

Hailing from the 25th century, Gold isn’t one of DC Comics’ more recognizable figures, but his penchant for putting his public image over fighting crime puts him in a different, and potentially funnier, category than Batman, Superman or even Green Lantern. Gold is paired with a small, flying sycophantic robot named “Skeets,” who provides the hero with necessary information. Gold is also often teamed with Blue Beetle.

This wouldn’t be the first time Gold would fly to TV. The final season of “Smallville” featured a storyline with Eric Martsolf as Gold, and the character was a regular  member of Cartoon Network’s short-lived “Justice League Unlimited,” and a featured character on “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.”

Who would you like to see play Booster Gold (on a SyFy budget)?