A classic comic book makes a cameo in the new DC TV crossover photoshoot

11.09.16 2 years ago

Now that Supergirl is on The CW, the creative folks making their superhero television shows have the opportunity to do their biggest crossover yet. The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl will all take part in the epic event and we've got a few new details on what to expect.

Entertainment Weekly debuted their new cover featuring The CW's superheroes.

If you're wondering, “Hey, this is a four-show crossover, where's the Legends?” Look a little closer…

Poor Ray.

Have you watched superhero fight club yet? Apparently we might be seeing our heroes fighting each other in this upcoming crossover. EW explains:

Entertainment Weekly visited the set of the massive undertaking and brings you a report in our new issue, on sale this week. We got to see Supergirl fly, The Flash and Cisco tear a hole in the fabric of space-time (or pretend to), and even saw someone get shot. No, we can”t tell you who, but we can tell you the threat that set the sprawling plot in motion: The Dominators, mind-controlling extraterrestrials threatened by Earth”s surging population of metahumans. If you”re wondering if “mind-control” = “we”re totally going to see these superheroes fight each other,” then you”re absolutely [REDACTED].

EW also produced a nice video that doesn't give any details away about the episodes but does show just how much fun the actors had working together. If you look closely you can even catch White Canary herself, Caity Lotz, reading part of DC Comics Invasion! crossover featuring the Dominators…

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