‘Deadpool 2’ Takes Marketing Gimmicks To The Toilets At San Diego Comic-Con


Most of the revelry at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, of course, revolves around soon-to-be-released or still-in-production projects. However, there’s one hooligan out there who wants everyone to remember his most recent project, and that would be Wade Wilson, who’s there to remind everyone about Deadpool 2, which is certainly maintaining a presence at the annual gathering. While other studios prepare to storm Hall H, FOX’s Deadpool’s shenanigans are riding high while folks wait for an uncut version of the sequel to screen. And naturally, this is what’s going down in toilet stalls of surrounding hotels…

Folks discovered toilet seat covers that “teased” users with messages reading, “This is all FOX could afford!”

Once removed, the covers revealed the famous antihero’s head with another scrawling: “DEADPOOL 2 dropping soon on Blu-ray and digital.” Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut officially hits DVD and Blu-ray formats on August 7. Until then, eBay is apparently flooding with these toilet seat covers (used or unused? no one knows) for $40 a pop. FOX had a hunch that SDCC attendees would post these photos on social media, and it happened.

On Comic-Con grounds, one will also be able to witness Deadpool singing Dolly Parton tunes while flanked with animatronic Chuck E. Cheese characters. It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year.