‘Deadpool 2’: Ryan Reynolds And Colossus Actor React To Cable Casting, Confirm ‘X-Force’

On Wednesday, we learned Josh Brolin will play Cable alongside Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool in Deadpool 2. And you know the guy who played Green Lantern and two versions of Deadpool is going to comment on Thanos and Jonah Hex doing triple comic book duty as Cable. “You can’t play 2 characters in the same universe!” Reynolds waxed fantastic on Twitter:

We always suspected Sabrina The Teenage Witch was part of the Deadpool-Sicarioverse. I need to tell /r/sicarioverse about this immediately.

Stefan Kapicic, who replaced Daniel Cudmore as Colossus, also responded (more conventionally) to Brolin’s casting. Much like Colossus himself, Kapicic kept his statement to Comic Book polite and straightforward:

“I’m so excited about this casting, it’s the perfect casting for Cable. I’m a huge fan of Josh Brolin’s work. He’s an awesome actor and I’m totally excited to start working with him. It’s gonna be an amazing road for the X-Force movies, having someone like Josh Brolin to lead the franchise. Cable is one of my favorite characters and this is really something I was hoping for.”

The statement went on for a couple more paragraphs, but we wanted to cut it off there to say YES HE MENTIONED X-FORCE. Producer Simon Kinberg recently confirmed the rumored X-Force, saying it would be led by Deadpool and Cable and have an “R-rated decibel.” Ryan Reynolds has also called an R-rated X-Force a priority, and Kinberg has agreed more than once. For what it’s worth, Brolin is reportedly signed to play Cable in four movies. Safe to assume at least one of those will assemble the X-Force.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter and Comic Book)