Did Peter Capaldi just accidentally give away Maisie Williams ‘Doctor Who’ role?


While it didn't make it into my live-blog yesterday due to finicky wifi, the “Doctor Who” panel ended with round of questions from the audience. As always, throwing it to the fans can lead to some interesting answers. This year, that answer came from none other than Peter Capaldi himself.


Towards the end of the Q&A session, a fan asked who Capaldi thinks his Doctor would want to travel with should Clara ever leave the TARDIS. There was a cute bit where moderator Chris Hardwick covered Jenna Coleman's ear so she couldn't hear the answer while she staged whispered “Say Donna again. Donna.”  For his part, Capaldi hemmed and hawed for a minute before finally settling on an answer.

“I think he'd like to see his granddaughter again.”

Obviously, the entire audience devolved into a puddle of “Awwwwwww.” But wait a minute. Did Capaldi land upon that answer because it was the suavest and safest answer? Or was it because…

GIF via Romanosa

It's possible. Steven Moffat has been extremely tight-lipped as to what role Williams will play in the September 19th premiere, but clearly she has a previous relationship with the Doctor. As we don't recognize her face, it stands to reason Williams could be a Time Lady. Why not Susan?

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