Die Antwoord’s ‘Ugly Boy’ video: Nihilistic death spiral, with a side of Marilyn Manson

It's been quite a day for Die Antwoord.

Not only are the South African hip-hop outfit (or at least two of the three members) heavily featured in the intriguing trailer for Neil Blomkamp's forthcoming A.I. drama “Chappie,” they've just released the bonkers new video for their latest single “Ugly Boy” featuring a bevy of famous friends including Jack Black, Cara Delevigne, Flea and Marilyn Manson (who, in case you missed it, hosted frontman Ninja at his Halloween concert over the weekend).

And it is, truly, bonkers. Bloody tears! Dancing John Wayne Gacy clowns! Nihilism! Ejaculaton gags! Dita von Teese in pasties! “Game of Thrones” cosplay! It's all here, folks. Literally, all of it. Enjoy this.

“Donker Mag” is available to buy now.