Director Justin Simien on ‘Dear White People’: A TV Series Next?

While watching the new release “Dear White People,” you realize it's not just biting satire but a film teeming with complicated, conflicted characters. It feels like a lot of personality for one movie, and writer-director Justin Simien agrees. He'd like to see the film get the series treatment.

“I feel like there's more life in 'Dear White People.' I think it belongs on TV,” writer/director Justin Simien told us. “Wouldn't it be great to see these characters [on TV]? I'm not quite done with satire yet. I think I've got some more things up my sleeve.”

We caught up with Simien to discuss the ten-year process of writing the movie, the movies that inspire him, and the Twitter account where “Dear White People” first gained traction. 

“Dear White People” is in theaters October 17.