Disney Is Making The Blaster Fire At ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ Extremely Lifelike


Disney has some extremely audacious plan for its Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park. The park area has been described as “the most experiential” concept in Disney history, and portions of the hotel and park seem to have an RPG-style theme.

It’s a bold concept the park is testing, but Disney certainly goes the extra mile when it comes to its parks. And now we know a bit more about some of the technology the Star Wars park will have. The Disney news site WDWNT uncovered a Disney patent that appears to mimic blaster fire shooting around the park.

The patent shows a complicated illusion that uses relatively simple technology to create the effect. WDWNT explains it like this:

It essentially uses a multitude of mini reflective surfaces that display the blaster fire traveling through space.

These reflective surfaces are connected to arms that quickly appear and disappear from view as to not break the illusion. When enough of these are lined up together, the laser that is shot out of the blaster can mimic a blaster shot traveling quite a long distance.

We know what blaster fire looks like from the movies, but (safely) replicating that in a theme park setting isn’t going to be easy.

The technology could be used in some different ways, including putting park goers in the middle of battles between Stormtroopers or as part of a stage show.

As WDWNT notes, there’s no guarantee that this technology ends up in the Galaxy’s Edge park, but it seems like something that lines up exactly with the kind of technology the park could use. Either way, it sounds like the park will wow fans when it finally opens next year.

(Via Slash Film, WDWNT)