Disney’s ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ Is Less Than A Year Away And Seems Like A Real-Life Role-Playing Game

Solo: A Star Wars Story made a “disappointing” $100 million at the box office over Memorial Day weekend, and some are saying Star Wars fatigue has finally set in. As far as movies are concerned, we won’t have another Star Wars until Episode 9 drops in December of 2019, but in Summer 2019, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will officially open at Disneyland (and the fall in Disneyworld), and the hotel experience seems like your own, personal Star Wars RPG.

The hotel, which sadly doesn’t have a launch date yet, which will accompany the themed Star Wars area of Disney called Galaxy’s Edge, will integrate the hotel guest “missions” into the park, with areas only people that are part of this seemingly deep role-playing experience allowed to enter those areas. In other words, if you’re staying at the hotel, and a mission takes you somewhere, you’ll make your way through the park and the crowds to your own, exclusive spot that may be required for you to save the galaxy/get credits/kill a bad guy.

It truly sounds fascinating, and unlike anything that’s been done on such a large scale and with such a beloved property. Galaxy’s Edge has been called “the most experiential” concept in Disney history, and will send everyone who visits to a new planet to take part in adventures, and side missions with them. Sounds like it’s worth braving the lines.

(Via Travel and Leisure)

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