Disney gets Facebook Live fever, announces their next project via choppy video feed

If you wanted proof the Facebook Live fever is sweeping the Internet, look no further than this morning”s announcement from Disney Animation Studios. The media giant took to their social media feed at 9 A.M. Thursday morning, after teasing a “big reveal” for fans who tuned into Facebook Live.

The big news? Wreck-It Ralph is getting a sequel on March 9, 2018.

(If Facebook is being finicky, click here to watch the video.)

Perhaps we can take comfort in knowing even a behemoth like Walt Disney Studios – backed by the might of a marketing department bigger than some small towns – is at the mercy of bandwidth. After starting the feed nearly ten minutes late, the Wreck-It Ralph news was cut short when a choppy video feed completely froze up minutes into the broadcast.

Facebook Live is still in its infancy, so surely the technology will get better and more reliable. But it speaks to how far off the traditional PR map we are when nearly ten thousand people tune in to watch a video that would”ve been considered “low quality” a decade ago.

Shortly after the Facebook Live feed went kaput, Disney released the their first image from Wreck-It Ralph 2 on Facebook. It seems our heroes might be headed into the digital world, hence the choice of social media to break the news.

Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios