The First Teaser For ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Shines The Spotlight On The Doctor’s Latest Companion

Doctor Who has been away for a good year, but Christmas night will see the return of Peter Capaldi and the Tardis ahead of the season ten premiere in April. The upcoming season will be Steven Moffat’s final on the show and will also feature a new companion to tag along on the Doctor’s adventures.

Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, was introduced in a small scene when the show said goodbye back in April and gets the spotlight in the season ten teaser released ahead of the Christmas special on BBC America tonight. Mackie is definitely excited about her role judging from her Twitter post and seemed to enjoy the UK airing the Christmas special — she’s apparently not in it, but the trailer makes up for it.

The trailer promises more of the same for Doctor Who in season ten, include some hijinks right in the middle of a war with the Daleks — at least that’s what it seems like. There’s also plenty of time traveling, period costumes, and new creatures to enjoy for Moffat’s last ride with the character. The future of Doctor Who might be in question, at least in its current form, but season ten seems to promise much of what fans have come to expect.

(Via BBC America)