How far is too far when it comes to comedy?

Amy Schumer seems to be more in the public eye than ever. She recently had an interaction with a fan that made the press (via Fox 411); she called Glamour out for celebrating her as a “plus-sized” icon; and she frequently speaks out on divisive issues.

With a new season of Inside Amy Schumer premiering Thursday May 5, we look forward to a fresh batch of sharply satirical sketches from the actress. Is there a line she couldn't cross, though?

In the video above or below Roth Cornet, Miri Jedeikin, and special guest Missi Pyle talk about how far is too far when it comes to comedy.

Plus, take a look below where Missi, Miri, and Roth give each other 30-seconds each to pitch Missi's new thriller Pandemic.

Pandemic is available on VOD now.

You can also watch our full show right here in which we pitch the next Katniss/Wonder woman and name who we would fight club:

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