Listen: Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross feature on DJ Khaled’s ‘No New Friends’

Muse these titles: “No New Friends.” “Suffering From Success.” It’s the Young Money (and MMG) love-in, sponsored by Drake’s fixation on success and sadness.

“No New Friends” is a new track from Drizzy, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled, off of the latter’s forthcoming “Suffering From Success.” In it, the rappers extol their “day one” pals for helping them up to their current acclaim. Originally a “Started from the Bottom” remix, it’s most prominent feature is Drake reporting on the fact these guys have no capacity for “fake” friends.

Drake quoth his own “Started from the Bottom” in his starting verse, despite the fact that song’s still no good (and still makes no sense); but the chorus to this one’s much easier to stomach, and Weezy even manages one slick pun (“They throw dirt on my name, well that’s why they still dig me.” Oh haha, OK dad).

Notably, this is Drake’s second song in 24 hours, arriving around the same time his “Girls Love Beyonce,” a lonely little number about looking for love… and disrespect of women?

“All my young boys round me saying, “‘Get money and fuck these hos’ / Where we learn these values, I do not know what to tell you.”

OH, OH, OH, I have an answer for you! Actually… I’ll just let you ask Rick Ross yourself, since he’s on your “Friends” list.