Drew Carey & Craig Ferguson are swapping jobs for April Fool’s Day

03.17.14 5 years ago

Drew Carey & Craig Ferguson are swapping jobs for April Fool”s Day
Carey will host “The Late Late Show” and Ferguson will host “The Price is Right” on April 1.

“The Americans” is stumbling into timeliness
The situation in Ukraine has made the FX Cold War drama very relevant. As Matthew Gilbert notes: “Suddenly, in only a few months, 'The Americans' has gone from being a record of a dark time in our relations with Russia to something a lot more germane and fraught. The show is now charged with all kinds of complex subtext about the present tense, about how brutal and  hate-filled a Cold War can actually be beneath the icy attitudes.”

Check out Ben McKenzie as Det. Jim Gordon filming “Gotham”
McKenzie was spotted filming shooting scenes in Brooklyn.

Why “Veronica Mars” should make a movie sequel
The film showed that an adult Veronica could actually work. PLUS: A “Veronica” sequel would work even better without all the celebrity cameos, and what was up with all “The Big Lebowski” references?

“The Walking Dead” boss explains why he did it
Scott M. Gimple says he pitched Robert Kirkman the story, “and he was like, 'That”s awesome!' Which was exciting because I was really nervous, because you want to honor the source material and I wanted him to be excited about it and he was. Beyond that, I wasn”t really that worried about AMC. I know they have faith in us. This was not a story that was sensational. We weren”t exploiting anything.” PLUS: “Walking Dead” deserves more respect, was the shocker a mistake?, the show reached a new level of brutality, and this season has been boring.

“Grimm” hands out a role to a University of Michigan student
Executive producer Jim Kouf was on campus speaking to a screenwriting class, when he decided to hold an impromptu audition. The result: Senior Jacqueline Toboni has been cast in the role of “Trubel.”

CNN ratings soar with coverage of missing Malaysian plane
Of all the cable news networks, CNN is covering the mystery the hardest as it tries to find a sustainable business model.

Go behind the scenes of “SNL”s” Biblical Movie “Girls” parody
It took more than 24 hours to complete the set.

Jimmy Kimmel will have a “Divergent” star on each of this week”s shows
The guest list will include “Divergent”s” Tony Goldwyn, who will stop by Kimmel as part of “Scandal Thursdays.”

“Deadwood” alum Kim Dickens joins “Mad Men”s” Kevin Rahm on CBS” “Red Zone”
They”ll co-star opposite Anthony LaPaglia and Samantha Mathis on the CIA drama.

Good riddance to “HIMYM”s” Glen McKenna
Why the fake Scotch brand is totally stupid.

Michael Vartan: “I was told absolutely nothing” about my “Bates Motel” role
“Literally,” he says, “until the third or fourth episode, he didn”t have a last name, he didn”t have a profession, (I) didn”t really know if he was a good or a bad guy. So it was kinda fun to go into it with literally no expectations.”

Patton Oswalt does a “True Detective” spoof
Watch him recreate Rust Cohle”s interrogation scene.

Tyler Perry”s “The Single Moms Club” bombed at box office, but OWN won”t quit with its TV remake
“Single Moms” was Perry”s worst-performing movie opening.

New “Transformers” cartoon to feature Ted McGinley and Darren Criss
Constance Zimmer and Will Friedle will also lend their voices to “Transformers Prime.”

“Little People, Big World” star Jeremy Roloff gets engaged
The young Roloff son got engaged days after his parents announced their separation.

NYC mayor, an “intense fan” of “The Good Wife,” had “a blast” filming his cameo
“It took two or three takes,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “They were surprised at how quickly I could get to over-the-top obnoxious.”

“Bones” creator: We”ll use our series finale ending for Season 10, even if we return for Season 11
Says Hart Hanson: “The series ender we have in mind, we keep bumping off because the series doesn't end, but I suspect that we will have to end season 10 that way. And if we do come back for an 11th season or more, we'll have to do some reinvention of the series to last that long. If not, we'll be ok for one more season with the ending we have in mind.”

Has “Scandal” become too soapy?
Last week”s episode was too insane.

“Shameless” has proved to be a comforting show
“There”s no high concept, no period details nor flashy twists,” says Andy Greenwald, and that”s what makes it so great.

How “Bob”s Burgers” comes up with its Burger of the Day names
Creator Loren Bouchard explains the elaborate process for creating the perfect burger name.

“Next Top Model” judge sued for alleged assault of a male model
Rob Evans is accused of beating up model Landry Macedo, which resulted in Evans” arrest.

Listen to Gwyneth Paltrow sing Pharrell”s “Happy” for “Glee”
The song will be part of Episode 100.

“Portlandia” releasing an activity book
See a preview of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein”s book, out Tuesday.

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham releases her 1st music video
Check out “Blowin.””

“Bachelor” alums Jesse & Ann Csincsak welcome a daughter
It was the 2nd child for the reality TV alums.

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