Ed Sheeran shows off his funky side on new single ‘Sing’: Listen

Ed Sheeran shows off a side of the British singer/songwriter that his fans have not seen before on new single, “Sing.”

With the help of the hotter-than-hot Pharrell, who produces here, Sheeran veers into ’70s disco and funk, as well as shows off a here-to-fore hidden falsetto and rapping ability. And somehow, it all works. It”s Justin Timberlake meets Chic meets the Bee Gees. The song has a bit of a “Moves Like Jagger” feel in that it”s insanely catchy from the first listen.  It”s about as far from Sheeran”s previous U.S. hit, “The A-Team” as he could get.

Sheeran revealed during a Google Hangout Q&A that the song was inspired by time spent in Las Vegas, as “one thing led to another and now she”s kissing my mouth.” Clearly what happened in Vegas doesn”t stay in Vegas for Sheeran, it becomes a song.

“Sing” is the first single from Sheeran”s second album, which comes out this summer, and also features production from Rick Rubin and Benny Blanco, according to Billboard. The song marks the first time Sheeran wrote to a pre-existing track. At first, he deferred after Pharrell played it for him, but then picked up his guitar and started to strum and the song developed from there.

What do you think of “Sing?”