Listen: Eminem drops new song ‘Survival’ in ‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ trailer

Eminem dropped a new track today via a trailer for Activision”s “Call Of Duty: Ghosts”  video game, which comes out in November.

“Survival” is an in-your-face track that opens with ringing, throbbing guitars. Lyrically, Eminem details his rise in music and his devotion to his craft in stark life-or-death terms: “If I don”t do this music shit/I lose my shit,” in his usual intense, matter of fact way, as his rhymes about “coming into battle” with him compete with the automatic weapons. He warns any newcomers that taking him on will be a lost cause. A chorus, sung by the New Royales” Liz Rodrigues, reinforces the “Survival” theme, as she sings, “This is survival of the fittest…this is winner take it all.”  (h/t to MTV on he Rodrigues info).

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In an accompanying introductory video, Eminem says,  “The song”s about fighting back and it seems like it fits ‘Ghost” perfectly. I”m going to be a big part of the game. My new song”s in it. Got a video dropping soon for it too. Stay tuned, got some more surprises in store for you too.”

Of course, “Call Of Duty” and Eminem have a long history: 2009″s “Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2” featured “Till I Collapse,” a remix of “Won”t Back Down” was in the trailer for “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” and the trailer for “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” featured “Cinderella Man.”

UPDATED: We just found a Soundcloud version of the song without any of the game’s sound effects.

Check out Eminem’s introduction and then the “Call Of Duty” trailer below and tell us what you think of “Survival.”

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We”ll review the song, which will be featured on Eminem”s seventh studio album, when we have a clean version that”s not competing with the game. No word on a release date for the next album.