Watch: Eminem’s new video for ‘Survival’ ties in with ‘Call of Duty’: Watch

Eminem plays a commando tagger in his video for “Survival,” the second track from “Marshall Mathers LP2,” following “Berzerk.”

We first heard the song, which also features the New Royales’ Liz Rodrigues on vocals, a few weeks ago when it premiered as part of “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” and the video game plays into the music clip as Eminem performs in front of a screen showing the game.

When he”s not performing in the clip, he”s a graffiti artist leaving his mark, a skull face, all over Detroit. I”m sure his hometown thanks him, as the symbol will now end up showing up all over parts of town, I bet. He also walks through a neighborhood, stopping longingly at decrepit  boarded up structure with the number 19946 on it, which is his former home. The house is current up for sale and is featured on the cover of the original “MMLP,” and now, boarded up, on his forthcoming album.

There”s not that much going on in the video, but Eminem”s performance is really all you need: it”s intense and passionate and is a reminder of what a compelling live artist he is.