Exclusive: 10 Delightfully Smashing Steampunk Comic Covers From DC

The steampunk genre has been gaining steam – zing! – for some time now, but a whole new audience is about to be exposed to copper cog loving Victorian style. In February, DC Entertainment will give twenty of their titles a steampunk variant. HitFix has the exclusive first look at ten of those covers!

“Yeah but what is steampunk?” you ask. Good question. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science-fiction, usually set during the 19th century in Britain or America or at least borrowing the fashion sense and slang of the time period. Staples of this alternative future-past include steam-powered machinery and gadgets – sometimes including advanced computers, dirigibles, and robots all run via intricately designed clockwork – and a hodge-podge of modern and antiquated social customs and/or class structures. Think Jules Verne or China Mieville.