Exclusive: LEGO Star Crashes ‘Justice League Dark’ Novermber Cover Kool-Aid Man Style

It's been a grand year for collectors of comic book covers. DC has put out variants every month of 2014, each centered around a specific theme. For example, February was a Steampunk extravaganza while August dealt with the selfie phenomenon. The trend continues through the end of the year with another round of 3-D motion covers in September and Monster variants just in time for Halloween.

Now DC has announced the variant cover theme for November. In order to celebrate the release of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, the popular minifigs will take over 22 covers that month. 

HitFix has your exclusive first look at the November variant cover for Justice League Dark #36, featuring a familiar face. (Frankenstein – named for his father – joined the JLD a while back).

Need to know all the November DC comics that will feature LEGO collectible covers? The entire list is below!

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

November LEGO variant cover list:

Action Comics #36
Aquaman #36
Batgirl #36
Batman #36
Batman & Robin #36
Batman/Superman #16
Catwoman #36
Detective Comics #36
Flash #36
Harley Quinn #12
Grayson #4
Green Lantern #36
Green Lantern Corps #36
JLU #6
Justice League #36
Justice League Dark #36
New Teen Titans #4
Sinestro #7
Supergirl #36
Superman #36
Superman/Wonder Woman #13
Wonder Woman #36