Exclusive: ‘Funeral Boss’ premiere sees dead people

03.14.13 6 years ago 7 Comments

It turns out that every tiny niche of daily existence from the cradle to the grave has been plumbed for the purposes of creating reality TV. To make that case, Discovery Fit & Health has created “Funeral Boss,” a series about life (and death) at a mortuary premiering tonight at 10 p.m. As this show isn’t for everyone, this exclusive clip may not be, either, so consider yourself warned. 

Though this footage isn’t graphic, it does feature an honest-to-God dead person, which might distress some viewers. Good thing the series’ star, Bill Harris, and his kids have no such qualms about seeing dead people. In fact, the show focuses on the siblings jockeying for position to take over their dad’s place someday to become the next funeral “boss.” 

Harris is an expert in the funeral industry, and he’s a perfectionist who insists on running the business a certain way – his way. But with three sons and a daughter working for him, he”s hoping to pass that dedication on to the next generation. 

Bill”s oldest son, William III, thinks he is second in command and aspires to one day take over the family business. But Tiara, CFO and Daddy”s “baby girl,” is not afraid to play that baby girl card to get ahead of her brothers. Windall is the laid-back son, but he knows how to keep his slacking siblings in line. Last, there”s Westley – the light-hearted member of the bunch who is all about family and a good time, as long as he isn”t asked for any favors.

Can Bill keep his children in line or will their struggle for power cause him and the business to come crashing down? More importantly, can that question be answered in a 6-part series? 

Watch the exclusive clip.

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