Exclusive: New ‘Bellflower’ poster features love, Medusa, and the end of the world

I can’t believe Comic-Con is right around the corner.  This year is racing by, and July has been a preposterously busy month overall.  A week from Wednesday, Team HitFix will be descending en masse on San Diego, ready to bring you coverage of every major event. 

To kick things off, we’ll be hosting our opening night party for the second year in a row, and if you happen to be downstairs from the place we’re throwing it at the Hotel Salomar, you’re going to see one seriously bitchin’ muscle car parked there, occasionally belching big bursts of fire.  That’s Medusa, one of the stars of “Bellflower,” my favorite discovery at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and the people behind the film are going to be rocking Comic-Con this year as well.

If you haven’t read my review of the movie, take a look at it.  Or you could check out my interviews from Sundance with the cast and the creators.  I’ve got mad love for this twisted tale of two friends, flamethrowers, broken hearts, and the end of the world, and I am pleased that today, we’re are able to bring you the new poster for the film as an exclusive debut.

It’s a simple image, but it sums the movie up well.  So far, Oscilloscope Laboratories has really stepped up and handled this one right, and I admire them as distributors.  This is not an easy movie to sell, but they are working hard to tell people what it is and to not mislead them, even as they make sure they don’t ruin any of the emotional surprises of the film.

And if you want a giant version of it, click here.

I’m guessing you’ll see Medusa around San Diego all weekend long, and you should do everything you can to see “Bellflower” when it starts its limited release later this year.  It’s an experience I haven’t shaken, even seven months later, and I look forward to my next viewing of this one-of-a-kind little love story.

“Bellflower” rumbles into town on August 5, 2011.