Exclusive new ‘Life Below Zero’ clip unleashes adorable snow dogs

While NatGeo's “Life Below Zero” depicts the harsh reality of surviving in rural Alaska's extreme conditions, tomorrow night's episode turns the camera on some of the area's cutest canine residents. 

Exclusive to HitFix, the above clip finds Andy Bassich is in the midst of training the new leaders of his dog sled team (correction: adorable dog sled team). But it's not easy, because they're dogs. Also, it's 16 degrees below zero. That's 48 degrees below freezing. And 100 degrees below beach weather. 

The episode also finds Chip and his family growing concerned over his missing son Jon, but when Jon still hasn't arrived hours after their departure time, the family becomes concerned. The unpredictable weather in Kavik threatens Sue's ability to gather basic resources essential to her survival. The bears in Chandalar will wake from hibernation, so Glenn prepares an emergency shelter should the bears destroy his cabin.

“Life Below Zero” airs Thursday, June 19 at 9 p.m. ET on NatGeo.