Exclusive: Sneak peek inside 5 issues of DC Comics explosive ‘Convergence’ event

Beginning in April of 2015, DC Comics will bring the New 52 to a screeching halt for a two-month event known as “Convergence.” In lieu of your regularly scheduled comic book programming, 40 two-part miniseries will refresh your memory on historic moments and character decisions from before the New 52 universe.

Basically, DC wants to make it abundantly clear that all the previous decisions, spanning decades of comic book lore, haven”t been wiped away. “Convergence” is set to pick up the baton from the finales of both “Earth 2: World”s End” and “The New 52: Futures End.” While the end game for the DC universe is mired in secrecy, the title of this event implies our heroes are perhaps on a collision course of multiverses.

Week Two begins on April 15th, 2015 with the release of 10 more titles. Among the multiverse threads being tugged upon are: “Superman: Man of Steel” by Louise Simonson with art by June Brigman and Roy Richardson, “Justice League International” by Ron Marz with art by Mike Manley, “Supergirl: Matrix” by Keith Giffen with art by Ramon Bachs, and “Aquaman” by Tony Bedard with art by Cliff Richards.

HitFix is able to exclusively reveal interior art and the synopsis for the other five DC titles hitting shelves that day. Take a look after the jump!