Exclusive: The Cast Of “Sleepy Hollow” Plays Screw, Marry, Kill


When it comes to playing F*&k/Marry/Kill no team of people are better at it than the cast of “Sleepy Hollow.” After following me down the rabbit hole at New York Comic-Con last year, I wanted to see if they were game to play again at San Diego Comic-Con.

They were.

In 2013, I asked them to choose between three of the demons on their show. In 2014, famous  figures from the American Revolution were on the table. Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison, Katia Winter, John Noble, and Orlando Jones had to choose between George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Paul Revere. Each cast member approached the dare with all the gravity due such a serious life-altering decision.

The results? George Washington is the most marriageable man in all the thirteen colonies.

What should we ask them next year?! MWA-HA-HA-HA!


“Sleepy Hollow” season two starts September 22nd on FOX.