Exclusive: The ladies mow down Nazis in BOMBSHELLS Chapter 30

I”ve been a huge fan of DC”S BOMBSHELLS since they were merely a line of collectible statues. But when Marguerite Bennet signed on last year to turn the line into a Digital First series for DC Comics, I was intrigued. How do you take pin-ups and make them into a modern day alternate universe?

You don”t. Instead you take two parts World War II and one part Advanced Feminism. Add in some beautiful art by Marguerite Sauvage. Then shake vigorously until you get a stunning period piece with a lesbian baseball player/superhero as the heroine. Over the last twenty-nine chapters, Bennet has built an optimistic world in the midst of one of it”s darkest periods in history. A world where Batwoman can kick Nazis up and down the street while looking fabulous, then go home to her girlfriend at the end of the day.

The gang”s all here. Everyone from Zatanna to Mera to the Batgirls – a gang of plucky teen girls keeping the streets of Gotham safe – are part of the fight. Basically, read this series. Seriously. Either as Digital First or in paperback form. Doesn”t matter.

On that note, HitFix Harpy is proud to preview BOMBSHELLS CHAPTER 30. Featuring Batwoman, Huntress, and Catwoman, the chapter has the ladies fighting against Edel Nacht and his Tenebrae army. Meanwhile back at the cabaret, Zatanna will pay the price for trying to help stop the Nazi regime.

BOMBSHELLS CHAPTER 30 will be available on Comixology and other digital platforms on February 12, 2016.