Exclusive: Wedding bells are ringing in BATGIRL #45

There is a LOT going on in Barbara Gordon”s world these days. Her dad is Batman, she”s embroiled in a love triangle of sorts, one of her best friends is trying to become a superhero and her other one is getting married. This on top of stopping crime and trying to make enough money to pay the bills.

You know, just typical Millennial twenty-something problems.

In BATGIRL #45 several of these storylines appear to cross streams in what is sure to be a spectacular way. Alysia Yeoh is getting married! This is kind of a huge deal since Alysia is one of the very few transgender characters in the DC Comics world and the only major player at the moment (though genderfluid Porcelain from SECRET SIX is another great leap forward…both characters courtesy of Gail Simone).

While Alysia”s future holds her descent into vigilante justice – should Batgirl”s rogue algorithm prove accurate – her present is all about beautiful gowns and drunken toasts. HitFix Harpy got an exclusive sneak peek at the first few pages of BATGIRL #45…including THE DRESS!

BATGIRL #45 is on sale wherever comic books are sold 10/28.