First look at color art from Jock and Max Landis’ ‘Adventures of Superman’

(CBR) Jock has debuted what I believe is the first look at color art from his upcoming “Adventures of Superman” collaboration with “Chronicle” screenwriter Max Landis. The Eisner Award-winning artist released an inked page from the two-part story, titled “The Sound of One Hand Clapping,” last month.

As the two pages indicate, it”s poised to be a rather nontraditional Superman tale, as it pits the Man of Steel against the Clown Prince of Crime, who usually busies himself with a more grounded nemesis. 

Their digital-first story is joined in DC Comics” January “Adventures of Superman” roster by B. Clay Moore and Gabriel Rodriguez”s three-part “Exposed,” Fabian Nicieza and Phil Hester”s “The Coming of … Sugar & Spike,” and Ron Marz and Evan “Doc” Shaner”s three-part “Only Child.”

The new “Adventures of Superman” lineup debuts Jan. 6 with”Exposed”; Landis and Jock”s contribution follows that storyline on Jan. 27.